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Service industry

B2O is a single web - based management software, for the service industry.

You manage a service company ? We have created a single, fully-integrated solution combining sales prospection, project management, resource management, communication, and business solutions tailored to your organizational needs to help reduce costs, be more productive and increase customer satisfaction.

B2O offers flexible service industry CRM applications that help deepen client engagement, increase employee productivity, and drive business results.

sociétés de service
sociétés de service

B2O solution

Our solutions for the service industry help you to optimize your business, from prospection to after-sales, scheduling and invoicing. It allows you to:

  • Build your own data base of clients, suppliers, subcontractors, workforce...
  • Plan and track all your projects across multiple teams and sites
  • Allocate teams and equipments to project sites in one click, while monitoring inventory and availability of all your resources
  • Manage your sub contractors - taking into account their costs, total number of hours worked, and more
  • Be mobile  –  get essential information and update task progress in real-time from the field through a tablet or a Smartphone
  • Benefit from real-time access to the schedules from the field through a tablet or a Smartphone
  • Generate and customize real-time reports to track costs incurred, resource utilization and overall progress
  • Share any information about the construction project between co-workers
sociétés de service
sociétés de service

Immediate benefits

B2O is the perfect collaborative CRM management software. It associates an easy-to-use, highly flexible interface with powerful resource allocation features to monitor in real time short-term and long-term capabilities. B2O solution allows you to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Access to customer account history, order information, and customer information at all touch points
  • Identify new selling opportunities
  • Compare the profitability by site and by team
  • Improve the communication in your teams
  • Improve the allocation of resources
  • Increase efficiency and transparency in using a collaborative plateform
sociétés de service
sociétés de service
sociétés de service

Features examples

CRM - Business Managementsociétés de service
  • Create a company and a contact
  • Create a business opportunity
  • Create a quote - an invoice - a contract
  • Invoice directly at the customer's 
  • Optimize the customer relationship: monitoring of business objectives, reports, dashboards…
SERVICES CONTRACTS :sociétés de service
  • Create a contract by customer
  • Create and schedule the interventions
  • Monitor progress accross your entires projects
  • View daily and weekly tasks and schedules at a glance
PLANNING :sociétés de service
  • Schedule and consult the interventions of your teams
  • Consult the history of each intervention
  • Share the meetings reports
  • Consolidate timesheets
STATISTICS :sociétés de service
  • Business monitoring
  • Sales tracking
  • Charts and graphs
  • Export reports and data
EXTRANET for your customers :sociétés de service
  • Transparency in management of service contracts
  • Less mismatching of orders and invoice
  • Fewer phone and fax enquiries
COMMUNICATION & PROMOTION :sociétés de service
  • Targeted emailing campaigns
  • Event monitoring

Focused on simplicity and efficiency , B2O organizes your projects workflow in a way that saves you time and money, improving the quality of your work and reducing the amount of time you spend doing daily tasks.

With B2O, you will maximize project profitability and reduce risk. You can optimize project management –from the office to the work site –with dashboards, user-driven enterprise mobility, performance analytics, and cloud solution.

B2O solution is interfaced with relevant third party software such as accounting and payroll software.