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Real estate development

B2O is a single web - based management software, for the Real estate development industry.

B2O CRM designed for real estate development companies allows you to manage every step of customer interactions from leads to transactions. Never miss a lead with B2O !

Integrate all your leads in your B2O CRM and follow-up conveniently from one central place. Always keep a full overview of your leads with automatic alerts to get your attention.

B2O CRM will automatically capture registration of interest from prospective purchasers and actively manage the sales process through to completion, contract signing and any post sales warranty period.

B2O helps you keep your leads clear and organized.

B2O helps validate your data by preventing you from entering duplicate information.

Les applications B2O pour l'immobilier
Les applications B2O pour l'immobilier

B2O solution for Real estate development companies

  • Contact management - individuals- prospects wishes / business partners / suppliers / company employees: B2O CRM allows you to manage contacts and wishes. B2O CRM offers a complete list of custom fields that give you important information about the prospects,... Each sales person centralizes data and follows the business. Sales managers can gain insight into the performance and trends of their sales representatives, as well as understanding customer, regional, and marketplace trends.
  • Multi-criteria approach: proposals / opportunities related to the wishes: The sales representative can respond quickly to customer needs through Multi-Criteria Search (by property type, location, surface, amount ...) . He can establish a privileged contact and meet the expectations of his future clients.
Les applications B2O pour l'immobilier
Les applications B2O pour l'immobilier

Immediate benefits

B2O solution is the perfect collaborative construction management software. It associates an easy-to-use, highly flexible interface with powerful resource allocation features to monitor in real time short-term and long-term capabilities. B2O solution allows you to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Access to customer account history, order information, and customer information at all touch points
  • Identify new selling opportunities
  • Compare the profitability by site and by team
  • Improve the communication in your teams
  • Improve the allocation of resources
  • Increase efficiency and transparency in using a collaborative plateform
Les applications B2O pour l'immobilier
Les applications B2O pour l'immobilier

Features examples

 CRM - Business managementLes applications B2O pour l'immobilier
  • Reliable and constant customer interaction
  • Manage all contact and prospect buyer information in a single place
  • Reach out to right prospects for right projects by profiling the database
CONTRACTS Les applications B2O pour l'immobilier
  • Customer follow-up: Proposition / Option /Booking / alterations and additional works ...
  • Access to related documents: specifiers warrants, contracts, manuals , sales brochures, construction plans…
PLANNING Les applications B2O pour l'immobilier
  • Shared schedule
  • View your team's calendar to schedule appointments
  • Gives you powerful project management, and real-time visibility for any project or task
STATISTICS Les applications B2O pour l'immobilier
  • Business monitoring
  • Sales tracking
  • Charts and graphs
  • Export reports and data
EXTRANET  for your business partnersLes applications B2O pour l'immobilier
  • Extranet to visualize real time availability of Real Estate Programs
  • For dissemination of information in intern and for business partners
COMMUNICATION  Les applications B2O pour l'immobilier
  • Targeted emailing campaigns
  • Event monitoring

B2O CRM activity management functionality lets you take control of overall productivity of the organization without need of long team meetings for task assignment or follow-ups. B2O CRM automatically assigns the leads or enquiries and notifies the assigned sales professional. Once the sales professional is assigned a task, it can be monitored his management Dashboard. This dashboard gives you a single glance status on professional’s activity performance and task completion.